Melanie (candyhearts13) wrote in sigmaalphaiota,

er... graduate studies?

Hey girls!

So, since I've started researching grad schools, it's been a very important factor that there be a chapter of sisters at each college/university I consider... because, hello? i totally love my sisters! haha :)

I still have a year left to consider schools, but right now, my top choices are Texas A&M and Syracuse.

Are there any sisters from either of those schools?

I'd really like to know about the music program (I'd, more than likely, be a music ed GA.. and I'm also a horn player, who's into jazz on trumpet and trombone) and well, the music fraternities from a student's perspective!

If anyone would like to give me any insight, that would be awesome! (And greatly appreciated!)

and a few pictures... because that's how we do.

Me and my Little (whatever you call them...?)
jordan's pinning

Singing the National Anthem at the Springfield Cards Game (the Bear is a Sinfonian. teehee)
national anthem with the sisters

Love and roses,
Melanie Hensley
Seargent At Arms
Theta Rho
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