K. (rustleofspring) wrote in sigmaalphaiota,

New Here!

Hello ladies!

We've just gained 7 new MITs this spring. To keep MIT meetings interesting and educational, what kind of fun games do you do to help the girls memorize/learn the material for the initiation exam? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D

Vice Pres., Membership
Delta Lamba
SUNY Fredonia
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i know at one point we had a dance for certain parts of the exam which was entertaining all its own
we use the acronym FUFGOSA for the Purpose, and on test day, we pick seven of the women from the chapter that are in the music building pretty much all day and have them wear nametags of the founders, or (you have 7 mit's) you could have wear the nametags- if they'll see each other up to the point of the exam.

we also had a cram session the night before, with pancakes in the lobby of the fine arts building...
We played a great game! We split the MIT's into teams, and had them try to find and hit the piece of paper taped to the wall that had the answer to the questions we asked.
If you do this, though, try to have a lot of space. This can get competitive.

We make the founders' names into sentences (Mary "storrs" Andersen in her closet, Elizabeth made Campbell soup for lunch). We also use FUFGOSA.

Hope this helps.